“Inside the Trenches” Episode 3

“Inside the Trenches” Episode 3

In the third installment of “Inside the Trenches,” we take a look at Amer Abdallah’s time spent in Las Vegas training for his upcoming fight.

Amer gives us the reasons for spending time out west, and we also hear from his trainer, Jeff Mayweather, about what it is like working together.

Amer fights next on June 7 against European champion James Wallis in Lockport, NY.  Be sure to stay tuned for the latest information regarding that fight, as well as all news regarding Amer.

One thought on ““Inside the Trenches” Episode 3

  1. Wishing you good luck! Been watching all of your training camp videos, and they are so inspirational for me! I am learning boxing & kickboxing and I love watching how easy you make the training look! I know it is not! Good luck on June 7th!!!

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